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    auto-home issue

    Check the micro switch. turn stepper off and push Y all the way over and see if you hear the switch click.
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    Print centering.

    My prints start off center of the build plate. X-25mm, Y-5mm off center. Using ultimaker cura 3.2.1 with gmax 1.5 dual extruder configuration downloaded from g-create. How do I get prints to start in center. As is I can not utilize the full bed size for prints. Bed setting is x406 y406 z533...
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    Print Quality Issues... Any help would be appreciated!

    Need a enclosed printing space to control warping. The problem is if you put a plastic bag over the printer the arduino controller will overheat. Try installing a standoff support to move the electronics out so its in cool air outside the bag. The stepper driver voltage was way off on my...
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    First layer issues on large print

    I have been having issues also. 1. The bed is slightly concave. "Had to shim up the middle" 2. The print head keeps coming loose. "I removed and put gasket RTV behind the print head to stabilize it" 3. The x axis had loose hardware "Tighten...