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    How to change the BLTouch probe on the gMax 2

    I don't have a gmax 2 and never seen one but can't imagine it can be that difficult. Can you explain what's so hard about it? maybe some pictures?
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    Removable Glass Plates?

    Why not go with the magnetic flexible beds at this point?
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    TMC2208 Drivers on 1.5XT+

    Ha! Series 1! I have serial number 34 and it was still printing great! I say was because I recently decided to rebuild it just to get rid of the wood. Really good printers. Too bad they priced themselves out of business.
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    Filament accumulating at top of hot end?

    The end is loose. You need to re-tighten it occasionally. Here's the instructions. Your best bet is to take the whole thing apart, clean it very well, then reassemble.
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    Mosaic Palette 2 Gmax 2

    Unless I'm missing something the Palette doesn't attach to the extruder at all. It fuses filaments together internally then feeds them to the printer like any other filament. The work is done in the slicer so as long as you use their slicer, it just works.
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    Homing failed Printer halted please reset

    So you have to figure out why it's not homing. Does the X axis make it to the homing switch? If not, what's stopping it. Does the Y axis make it to the homing switch? If not, what's stopping it. If you can post a video of the homing sequence, there may be something obvious in it. Look for loose...
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    Problems with first layer adhesion

    Isn't good?? It's 2.5mm across a 18" glass bed. The glass itself is probably that uneven. We're talking mm's. Here's mine and it prints perfectly. Can you show us what yours looks like? Must be close to perfect if you think these are bad.
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    Problems with first layer adhesion

    Looking good! How are the prints?
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    gMax 1.5 MAXTEMP error

    Is the extruder fan working?
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    Gmax 1.5xt failed print

    Extrusion width isn't just some arbitrary number. It might be printing better but you need to tune your extruder to make sure 20mm is really 20mm. I find the default settings are way off. Here's a good guide. Pay attention to the extruder...
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    Filament Run Out Sensor Questions

    Just wire them in series to the same pins. You don't care which one runs out, if either does you want the print to pause.
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    Dual E3D Hotend Fans Do Not Power On

    Yes, they go to the cat5 cable. Did you try to reverse polarity? Maybe you swapped them when reconnecting them.
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    Dual E3D Hotend Fans Do Not Power On

    Can't really tell from those pictures. Don't see the fan wires in them. Try this, find the fan connection on the board and flip it the other way. They are polarity sensitive so maybe it's backwards. A meter is your best bet
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    Dual E3D Hotend Fans Do Not Power On

    If you want help from here a few pictures would really help, otherwise, you can call support directly and they may be able to walk you through it. First thing to do is follow the wires coming off the fans. Are they connected to constant 12v? Do you have a meter to measure the voltage?
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    Marlin 1.1.9 Bed Leveling

    Yeah, someone is off his meds.