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    Dual Extrusion in Cura

    Someone on here must have come up with a usable setting for Cura and dual extrusion with the E3D dual. Its kind of unacceptable to claim you support a certain functionality with a certain software and then not deliver on it. I'm fine with having to do some set up and calibration, but this is...
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    Inconsistent Sides / Banding Issue

    Hey guys thanks for the help. I switched to a different filament and it seems to have helped. Not sure if the old roll was not spinning well, or if the filament was perhaps expired from moisture exposure or what. Never thought it would have been something so simple. -- Andrew
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    How to add Dual E3D Extruder settings to Cura profile?

    We at least need the applicable parameters for the dual extruder to work (specifically the spacing of the nozzles).
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    Inconsistent Sides / Banding Issue

    i was having this problem... i switched to a different spool mount and it fixed the issued immediately. here is the spool holder
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    Inconsistent Sides / Banding Issue

    Hello all, I'm getting this issue where the side walls of parts are not smooth vertical surfaces, but they have ripples or bands of different widths. I've tried messing with extrusion multiplier, speed, layer height, temperature, lead screw tightness, and fan speed. Any idea how to fix this...