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    Cura 4.1 Support

    Hey Folks! Just wondering if there are plans for Supporting Cura 4.1. Or is it ok to use 4.1? Thanks! And on that Note, where can I find the Cursa Mesh file for the 1.5+, Config files seem to only include the XT mesh file. Thanks!
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    New SD Card Files for 1.5+

    Noticed that there is a new set of SD CARD files here However it says Note: these files are for printers shipped in 2019. I'm confused, does this mean these will not work on 2018 printers because of different...
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    gMax 1.5 to gMax 2

    I couldn't find the Precision linear motion system used on the new Gmax 2 on, all the ones they offer use eccentric wheels...
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    gMax 1.5 to gMax 2

    These Guys?
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    gMax 1.5 to gMax 2

    I see. It would be AWESOME if you guys can produce some sort of guide "things to know" on how to upgrade if you guys have no plan to offer upgrade kits, As suppose to leaving all of us gCreate'rs in the Dust. I'm typically one of those early adopters aiming for the latest and greatest but now...
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    gMax 1.5 to gMax 2

    I would love to know if there is a way I can upgrade my gMax 1.5 to gMax 2 Components? I'm willing to pay for upgrades since I have no desire in having a larger printer. Thanks!
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    Loose Eccentric spacer

    I have one eccentric spacer that I can't seem to tighten, or not sure if It should fit loose. It doesn't wobble but it does rotate freely without any resistance. How do I tighten it?
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    Leveling X-Axis Arm Calibration Print

    Awesome! ETA? :)
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    Leveling X-Axis Arm Calibration Print

    Am I missing something? When I print the X-Axis Arm Calibration Print (X-axis probe space ship) it prints way too small. Theres no way of enlarging it either....
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    Extruder test Jumps on Initial setup Test

    Running the Initial setup script off the SD card files and it gets to the Extruder Test, is it normal for the Extruder to strip or skip filament at about every inch of filament pushed through?
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    SD Card download for Marlin 1.1.9

    Theres a gMax SD Card Files - Marlin 1.1.8 Firmware is there a SD Card download for 1.1.9 ? or Can we still use the 1.1.8 download?
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    Gcreate sample print Files

    Hey Guys! I've requested and received some of your 3D printed Sample files that look great! I would like to if possible to get the .Gcode or STL files so I can print them my self and use this as a way to tune my gMax... Im mostly interested in the Injection Mold and the Bracket sample! Thanks!
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    How to reset Pabystep

    Question, when adjusting the BLTouch the "Hard method" as shown here Does it matter if I you use a piece of paper as mentioned or the Businesscard method as shown in some other tutorials?
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    How to reset Pabystep

    Awesome thanks!
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    How to reset Pabystep

    What im trying to do is for the printer not to use the previous Babystep settings. As its printing I see on the screen the -0.02 Z-offset (I believe its the last babysit settings correct) but then when I go into the Babystepsettings Im expecting it to say -0.02 and its ays 0.00 instead. If I...