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    Fan Shroud E3D Volcano

    I've used it for a few weeks now and it works great!
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    Working firmware?

    Got it and installed it! Thanks!
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    Working firmware?

    Can you resend it? Last email I got from you was 2 days ago
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    Working firmware?

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    E3D Volcano

    Hi! Ive just installed my e3D vulcano since I had issues with skipping at higher speeds/larger nozzles, thought the vulcano would help but then I found this thread. Starting with 0.8mm nozzle though... my maximum speed seems to be 40mm/s, PLA at 225 degrees, 0.8mm nozzle and 0.6mm...
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    Cable Management

    I guess you all got the instructions for cable management from gCreate which will solve this issue? I rerouted the cables like this yesterday and it works really well. Had to cut one of the zippers holding together the cables, to place them next to each other and to be low enough to escape...
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    Fan Shroud E3D Volcano

    I'm mounting my volcano next week, got an STL file from gCreate for a fan shroud as well as BLTouch probe extended mount.
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    Simple surface issues when printing

    Have you done any changes to the Slicer profile? That looks really bad, something is way off for sure. If you hear the sound of the nozzle moving over the printer, try increasing your retraction vertical lift (S3D), Z-Hop (Slic3r). I'm used to around 0.8mm with my other printers, but I need...
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    Having problems printing XT-CF

    Further testing made and at the moment it seems like the XT-CF filament leaves alot of Debris in the nozzle, which might cause this clogging and skipping that I've experienced. Although Ive printed alot of XT-CF without cleaning the nozzle in between the prints without similar issues (same...
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    Having problems printing XT-CF

    Further testing made, this seems to be something else than issues with XT-CF in particular. Im printing with PLA atm, at around 30-40mm speed, 0.24mm layer heights and I get skipping (on the infill) now aswell?? Sliced with S3D
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    what setup do you wish you had bought from day 1

    Heated build plate is a must and personally I'm more used to PEI as build plate surface, so I managed to get hold of a few 400x400mm sheets which I replaced my buildtak with. Regarding nozzle sizes you can go down to 0.25mm I think! I'm using 0.4mm Ruby Nozzles on all my printers but I'm...
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    Control Heated Buildplate

    I dont think so, but I've solved it with a simple 433mhz on/off remote switch
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    For Sale gMax 1.5 XT+

    I would buy it as a second gMax for 1900 USD if I wasn't living in Sweden
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    Some first noob questions!

    Bumping my own thread! I've managed to get rid of most of the surface quality issues, but I still have some diagonal banding left, its bad when printing a long part along the X axis, its better when I print it along Y axis, but its still there. I'm thinking some un-even tension to the wheels...
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    Replaced my Buildtak with PEI