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    Original gMax 1.5 XT BlTouch Bracket

    So after some tinkering and some research I have fixed the mirrored print issue I was having. I had to update the Y axis homing direction and move the endstop plug from the YMIN to the YMAX location. Prints are as they should be now. I believe this is now more inline with how the 1.5 XT+...
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    Original gMax 1.5 XT BlTouch Bracket

    So after a long holiday weekend I have managed to get the BLTouch working with my gMax 1.5 XT. I ended up designing my own bracket and upgrading my firmware to the Marlin 1.1.x branch. Links to my design and the firmware changes are below. One of the issues that I have been running into with my...
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    Original gMax 1.5 XT BlTouch Bracket

    Hello Everyone, I have the original 1.5 XT and have purchased a bltouch. The problem is that I can't find any brackets to work with it. I have some basic Fusion 360 skills and I may try to design my own. Do you all know of any engineering drawings of the printer head of the 1.5 XT? This will...
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    Original gMax 1.5 XT BLTouch Bracket

    I have the original gMax 1.5 XT and i'm looking for the bracket for the BLTouch. I've found the ones for the 1.5+ but not the original 1.5. I'm also having trouble locating the install guide that was once on the gCreate website. Any help would be appreciated.