Cura 4.8 Config Files for gMax 3D Printers 201113

For people who are operating on a mac, first open up Cura, and under help click on (show configuration file). Now close Cura and leave open the configuration folder. Copy and paste the downloaded contents into each folder, ie definitions etc. I didn't see meshes in Curas configuration folder so I just pasted the entire folder into there. The gMax2 will pop up now. Before, I was right clicking on Cura and showing package contents and pasting in there but it wasn't working... finally figured it out this morning. The weird thing is this if you have Cura open and you go to printers - manage printers, you can add a printer through there, so what I did at first was just add the gMax and it seemed like I didn't even need to add these configuration files at all. Not entirely sure the importance of adding these files but Im just glad I was able to have it all set up the correct way.