gMax Prusaslicer 2.3 Config Files (Beta Release) 210915

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Compatible With
gMax 1.5+, gMax 2
PrusaSlicer configurations for testing only! These files must be installed and updated differently than the official release of the config files on the PrusaSlicer github page. These files are for PrusaSlicer 2.3.x and will not work with other versions

These files are still being tested and settings, filaments and graphics may change.

Please use at your own risk and check your settings as you print since this is not an official release.

Installation instructions can be found in the zip file.
Update: 9/15/21

-Changed Dual chimera start gcode M218 offset to X0 Y0 since it's now set in the firmware. This number must be adjustedd to dial in the 2nd extruder offset if it's not lining up properly.

Update: 7/7/21
-Lowered 2in1 loading and unloading speed to 20

Update: 6/29/21
+Changed several settings for improved print quality
+Added profiles for gMax 2 PRO, gMax 2 PRO Dual 2in1 and gMax 2 PRO Dual Chimera
+Adjusted settings for Dual 2in1 PLA and PVA settings
-Lowered bridge fan speed to eliminate thermal runaways

Update: 5/19/21
+Changed several settings for improved print quality
+Added link for install folder on Macs

Update: 4/16/21
+Fixed dual extruder chimera offset in start gcode
+increased purge tower size for 2in1
-lowered gap fill speed since higher speeds have consistently caused layer shifting
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