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  1. Webb

    Need Help with ABS Filament ..

    Got a g max 2, heated bed, and built an enclosure. Got some ABS filament from madhatter and can not get a good print. I have played around with temp of extruder...still no good.. I have attached a small print does any one have an idea of something else I can try? Any help is much...
  2. Webb

    Can not get flexible filament to go through extruder?

    Hello, I purchased some Pro flex filament from mad hatters website and can not get it to extrude? Every time it just gets all tangled up around the gears! I tried putting a bigger nozzle (.8 & then 1.0) to see if that would help but no luck. It just gets wrapped around the gears every time ? Any...
  3. Webb

    Filament accumulating at top of hot end?

    Any one know possible what is causing this? [DIV_CONTAINER][/DIV_CONTAINER]
  4. Webb

    Homing failed Printer halted please reset

    Been trying to do the initial run on my printer for the last three hours wait no four hours and I get homing failed printer halted please reset over and over and over again......