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  1. craiglyb

    BLTouch lights up but won't deploy,

    I have a GMAX2 and the BLTouch sensor won't deploy in autohome where it has a solid red light, or manually. It does light up with a flashing red light. the pin is still there. Any ideas? Checked the cables, at the print head and at the back of the control box, everything seems fine.
  2. craiglyb

    Probing fail // BL touch

    I"ve had the same issue and the gantry was level to about .1mm, I checked the wiring harness running from the extruder assembly to the back of the controller box and it seemed tight, so I pulled the wiring harness closer to the BL touch and it did the trick. It completed the bed levelling and...
  3. craiglyb