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    Shifting on a gMax 2 Single Extruder

    Thanks for the response! 1. Are the shifts always along one axis, or is it along both X and Y? Answer: It shifts in both. I would say the X axis shifts have been more extreme but honestly even a 1mm shift is concerning so the answer is both X and Y. 2. Are you using the upgraded heated bed...
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    Shifting on a gMax 2 Single Extruder

    Hey Everyone, I am at a loss. My gMax 2 will not stop shifting layers mid print. Latest was a 35 hour print and it shifted halfway through. We are getting ready to just junk this machine because 9/10 prints fail. I have tried switching from Cura to Simplify3D. I have tries checking all...
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    GMax 2 First Impressions (and some warnings!)

    So are you using the heated bed for PETG? And if so, what do you have your set temp to? We will be experimenting with PETG here in the next week and I am wondering if it possible to not use the heated bed with it.