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    gMax 1.5 XT+ upgrade to Genuine E3D Hemera 1.75mm 12V Direct Kit

    was looking to switch out the existing extruder set up and installing one of these. E3D Hemera 1.75mm 12V Direct Kits. I was wondering if I need to order the 12 v or 24 v. version? I realize I would have to do some work designing a mount for it but i am willing to give it a try, any help or...
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    Extremely wobbley Y-axis bedplate?

    ThanKS! will give this a try. wanted to know what to do before i started to take the bed off again.
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    Extremely wobbley Y-axis bedplate?

    I recently changed my belts and noticed that my bed plate is really wobbly.short of removing the Y-axis bed plate entirely off the rails what else do i need to do to tighten things up. Thanks in advance!
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    Fan on steel electronics case got disconnected

    I was doing some maintenance and dusting and when i removed the cover for the case. Ididnot realize the fan was attached to the board. could you post a pic of where on the board i need to recomnnect the wire. Thanks!