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    TPU & Flexible Filaments

    [RED_TITLE]TPU & Other Flex Filaments[/RED_TITLE] If you are looking for a durable, flexible, and elastic material than TPE or TPU is the choice. TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) is a compound of hard plastic and rubbers suitable and mostly used for FDM printing. This blend allows TPU to stretch...
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    WoodFill PLA

    [RED_TITLE]WoodFill PLA [/RED_TITLE] Woodfill PLAs are composite materials that use a combination of wood fibers and PLA plastics to create a filament that has the appearance of wood but the printability of PLA. Woodfills can be found with many different kinds of wood such as Bamboo and...
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    Achieving the Perfect First Layer

    [DIV_CONTAINER="70%"]Description:[/DIV_CONTAINER][DIV_CONTAINER="70%"][/div_container][DIV_CONTAINER="70%"][/div_container][DIV_CONTAINER="70%"] Getting the perfect first layer is key to achieving the perfect 3D print. This guide will go over some of the important points on how to slice and...