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    Hey any chance you can direct me on how I can go about changing my gmax 2 to klipper ?

    Hey any chance you can direct me on how I can go about changing my gmax 2 to klipper ?
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    Gmax 2 filament sensor

    Hey guys can someone provide a picture of where the filament sensor connects to on the main board ( all images I see are for the 1.5 and not gmax2.0).
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    gmax 2 fails to be dimensionally correct

    printed the exact same part on all 3 of my printers ( gmax 2 lulzbot5 type a machines) and using the exact same filament on my gmax2 and type A machines i cant seem to get the part to print in the desired dimension. The pictures below show the type a then the lulzbot then the 2 final ones being...
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    Oozing with Chimera head on Gmax 2

    test out these prints using cura. i use simplfy3d as well but on my lulzbot that has the same tool head i notice whatever setting i put into simplify3d the print comes out horrible. i tried out cura for lulzbot and the print was flawless, has to do with how the hot ends are cooled off when not...
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    TMC2208 Drivers on 1.5XT+

    He has them set to 1.1v I used the same voltages for my GMax 2 using 2209 with a new cooling fan and some large heat sinks.
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    Build plate adhesion on my gMax 2.0 w/ heated bed

    follow the steps to level the bed again and use ABS and acetone combo , i was having the same issue and thought my bed was off but once i had the bed leveled with this glue like mixture im getting great prints. i use rubbing alcohol on top of the surface and let it sit for a while so that i can...
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    canvas profile for gmax 2

    extruder list added to mosaic canvas. if someone can pull this off successfully where the list matches exactly what simplify3d has for the list of extruders and the settings so that when i go to print with canvas with any nozzle it will just be as simple as selecting. i will paypal $50. the...
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    E1 Heating Failed Printer Halted

    check all connections by removing them and reconnecting them. sounds like an intermittent issue where you are getting very little contact then losing contact and getting that error msg.
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    Need Help with ABS Filament ..

    take a look at your slicer and look at each layer individually to see if you notice any holes within the print. .8 nozzle does seam a bit large for what looks like a really small print, but i could be wrong.
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    Need Help with ABS Filament ..

    The overall print, is it bad or is it on just one side that you notice an issue? how large is the print, and what is your layer height? are you having a shift issue where the layers looked like they moved or are you having an issue where the extruder seems to have a short term "jam" then starts...
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    TMC2208 Drivers on 1.5XT+

    I am in constant contact with the new owner, he still sells parts and is amazing at customer service. Last i spoke to him he stated he was looking to have the company up and fully functioning again. The biggest issue with the market is everyone wants a $300.00 printer that can print a cubic...
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    TMC2208 Drivers on 1.5XT+

    yeah i haven't done this upgrade on the gmax 2 in which i will definitely will have to since the printer is below my bed ( loft bed) and any prints that go on for more then one day is torture due to the sounds. I did this upgrade on my type A series one and its amazing how silent the printer...