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    Large print edges lifting

    I use both PETG and nGen (very similar stuff) on BuildTak with glue stick. Works best for me if I apply the glue stick, then wipe and spread it with a wet paper towel. I run the bed at 85C, extruder at 240C. You definitely need a heated enclosure for large ABS, PETG, or nGen parts...but if you...
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    New SD Card Files for 1.5+

    Just to clarify, are the 1.1.9 files for "gMax 1.5+ Dual Extruder" the correct ones for the gMax 1.5 XT+ with dual E3D?
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    Extruder Stepper Won't Turn

    Replaced the stepper drivers. Replaced the extruder stepper motor. When reconnecting the plug, noticed that the yellow wire was broken. :rolleyes:
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    How to print non-PLA large-format objects on the gMax 1.5 XT+ (not for the faint of heart!)

    Large parts take awhile to print, so unless you plan to camp out next to your printer and stay awake & alert for the duration of the print, you'll also need to add a filament monitor to your printer. A simple switch-based sensor isn't really enough, because it doesn't detect failure-to-feed...
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    How to print non-PLA large-format objects on the gMax 1.5 XT+ (not for the faint of heart!)

    Thanks to Joshua at gCreate for this fix! One of the many potential side effects of a heated enclosure is that, due to the filament being warmer--thus softer--as it enters the print head, the filament between the feed mechanism and the extruder tube can get pushed out so that the filament just...
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    Suggested UPS systems for power interruptions

    We use these. Unless power outages last more than a minute or so, there's really no need to plug the heated bed into the UPS.
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    PETG Ooze Control Profile

    I've had good success with a 4.5mm retraction distance at 30 mm/s. Seems to work well with both PETG and nGen.
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    Rapid Y Axis Layer Shifting on large prints

    gMax 1.5 XT+ gMax 1.5
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    Adjust Bltouch Depending on Filimant Color and Brand

    You mean to get a good first-layer Z height? I haven't noticed a difference between filaments, but the fact that the BLTouch doesn't really have any specific spatial relationship to the nozzle itself has often been problematic. I was finally able to dial in my Z offset to something like -3.6 and...
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    marlin 1.8 questions

    Best practice is to include the G29 command in the initial gcode at the start of each print, so the bed is leveled every time.
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    How to print non-PLA large-format objects on the gMax 1.5 XT+ (not for the faint of heart!)

    If you mean carbon fiber PLA, that is really still just PLA...not an industrial-grade plastic. To print large-format parts in industrial materials like ABS, nGen, or other copolyesters, number 3 alone won't get you there. Then again, you might be talking about carbon fiber nylon, which is indeed...
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    Filament run out sensors for dual extrusion setups

    I found the firmware to be unreliable with filament sensors in the first place (frequent false positives), plus it only supports one sensor. You can wire two sensors in series, but the firmware only knows how to resume the print using the primary extruder--i.e., if the secondary runs out of...
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    How to print non-PLA large-format objects on the gMax 1.5 XT+ (not for the faint of heart!)

    Out of the box, the gMax might be able to print large-format PLA objects, but printing with production-quality materials requires nothing less than a complete overhaul of the gMax. We'll start with the overview, and add specifics in follow-up replies as time permits. 1. Replace all of the...
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    Z-axis lead screw holders?

    I ended up using the 14L/R pieces, since they don't require adjustment along the X axis. I used a dab of superglue to stick the nylon bushings into the holes, though Goop or silicone might work a little better.
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    Z-axis lead screw holders?

    Thanks! I found that the "14L_lead_screw_top left_v1.0.stl" and "14R_lead_screw_top right_v1.0.stl" seem to work as well, though they don't have the countersink for the nylon insert, so it just rides on top. Is there any advantage to using the "30L_lead screw" part vs. those?
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    Z-axis lead screw holders?

    The STL file I have for the Z-axis lead screw holder (that bolts to the underside of the top arm) doesn't match what's on my 1.5 XT+. Is there an updated file?
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    Z-axis angled spacers?

    That's the one! Thanks.
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    Z-axis angled spacers?

    I need to reprint the z-axis angled spacers (three each, at either end of the x-axis arm between the plates and the rollers), and that spacer is not included in the current "gMax 1.5+ All 3D Files" zip archive. I thought it was the "17_z-axis_angled plate spacer_v1.0" but that part is not the...
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    Food contact safe Filament

    ColorFabb nGen filament is food safe. It does need a heated bed, and if you’re printing large parts, you might have warping issues. It’s not nearly as bad as ABS, though. We’ve been very impressed with the appearance of nGen-printed parts.
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    Dual Extrusion in Cura

    You’ve noticed that the Cura profiles that gCreate provides are basically worthless—they’re for an old version of Cura, with no dual extruder support. We fought with trying to patch together a good Cura profile, but finally gave up (after wasting an awful lot of nGen filament) and bought a...