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    Side profile pictures

    viewtopic.php?f=8&t=83 That is how I assembled my printer (if it helps). I mounted the z-axis motors up top, then I wedged the small extrusion into the other extrusions to give it a strong bite. Once I wedged it in just right to make the z-axis motor level, then I tightened down the lower...
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    Anybody want to print something?

    I'd help you, but I still consider myself too new to start selling my work. =) You can try and try to find a local print master. I haven't used it myself, but it seems like a useful website.
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    Pre-purcase Questionss

    1) I never had issues with layer shifting myself, but I did have issues with the extruder skipping. I fiddled with the tiny potentiometer and eventually got it working smoothly. 2) They do make 18" x 18" heat beds, they're expensive, but definitely doable. You may just have to increase the bed...
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    Snap Together RC Hex Copter!

    As far as I can tell, the app will only trim the accelerometer front, back, left, right. The onboard magnetometer should keep it pointing one direction and keep it from spinning, but I believe it's disabled because the magnets in the motors are far too close to it. When I hook the copter up to...
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    Snap Together RC Hex Copter!

    Ok, v3 is now operational! I got rid of the spinning issue from the last design. I'm sure it was because the arms weren't parallel and perpendicular. This version sports a different approach to the carbon fiber arms. 3 arms mounted in a triangle that tie each motor pair together, instead of 2...
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    Snap Together RC Hex Copter!

    So... after a week of flying my Flexbot in it's new snap-together frame, I realized that the motor mounts weren't snapping together snug enough. After all of my bumps and crashes, to my surprise, nothing broke! But, the motors kept snapping off and becoming looser and looser. I finally broke an...
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    gMax in Mid-Michigan!

    I've printed a lot of scrap plastic! But honestly, it's because I'm new to 3D printers. I haven't built anything huge yet, but I've really dialed down my small part accuracy! I work too much so I only have an hour or two a night max to play around with it, and that's when I feel ambitious. I...
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    Snap Together RC Hex Copter!

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    MINTEMP error

    If the z-axis (up and down) is moving your extruder assembly up instead of down then you should simply reverse the two cables leading to both of the z-axis motors. I ran into this issue with my extruder motor. My wire colors are different than the pictures in the manual, but they both had a...
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    Heated Platen

    I'm debating between an enclosure for my gMax also. The only place I have room to set up my printer is in my basement, which is colder than the rest of my house. I'm having a terrible time with warping printing with PLA. I'm assuming the chamber would be good for protecting from drafts in my...
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    Ways that I altered my assembly...

    I noticed that I can't quite reach the entirety of the bed either but I probably will never print anything exactly that large either. But, since the bed is centered on the aluminum angles, you could probably just drill some new holes in the angles and offset them. That would probably be the...
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    gMax in Mid-Michigan!

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    How long was it until you got your printer?

    The assembly is going alright. I did have to slightly modify a couple pieces and there's a few hard to reach bolts. Right now I'm trying to level out the z-axis and I think I'm going to move the bottom plate that attaches the angle braces that are in-between the z-axis feet to the inside (if...
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    How long was it until you got your printer?

    If you're asking how long it took the KickStarter people to get theirs you can't really go by that estimation because of certain delays and stuff. According to the most recent blog post they're going to start fulfilling pre-orders this week. I can't speak for the gMax team, but I doubt that...
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    Steam Whistle Print

    pretty nice for only a few bucks worth of plastic!
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    Y-Axis Pulley Too Low

    @Levitate I see what you meant about the "Scan to 3D" in SW. I tried it out quick and had no luck with it. I'll try to mess around with it later because it could be useful. What I ended up doing is importing the STL files as solid bodies, which still gave me every polygon, but at that point I...
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    Y-Axis Pulley Too Low

    From my understanding, STL is a universal format. It doesn't carry "features" like solidworks does. All 3D software saves objects as polygon faces, SW just saves the steps used to create the model then converts each feature and doesn't show the facets. At work, we send out STEP and STL files to...
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    Y-Axis Pulley Too Low

    @Levitate I've got probably 80% of the gMax redrawn in SW. Of the printed parts, I have all but the electronics enclosure done (I'm not looking forward to redrawing that one). Overall, the only parts I need to model up are the electronics, which I won't get too crazy with, and few odds and ends...
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    Misumi Promo