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    Metal Hotend upgrade

    Both files can be found here: downloads.php?cat=23
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    Gmax 3d files wrong size...

    Which files? Are all of them across the board that way for you?
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    Anyone have luck with ninjaflex?

    Thank you all! I bought some new tubing and cut it to sit flush with both the bearing and the gear and voila im printing ninjaflex. Thanks for the help everyone.
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    Glass or aluminum heated bed?

    Buildtak is costly and doesn't last as long as most other solutions, just a heads up.
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    Glass or aluminum heated bed?

    Depends on your use. I went with Aluminum. Than put glass on top of it, with PEI attached.
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    BL Touch is Killing my Prints!

    This is strange. Is it losing power midway through? Post your script
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    Anyone have luck with ninjaflex?

    So do I need to buy some more tubing to cut? or can i just pull this one and cut it and have it be a little shorter? I dont really have use for lots of ninjaflex, I just have one design I really want to try in ninjaflex 8-)
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    Anyone have luck with ninjaflex?

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    Print Issue - not smooth

    I would agree, i start around .3 or .32 and dial it down to as close to .20 as I can over time.
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    First Layer Problems with s3d

    I see your printing on the acrylic. Nothing against gcreate but you cannot have a perfectly flat piece of acrylic. That could have an affect on what your doing. I would increase your first layer height to at least 200%. Im not sure what the stock settings are, but if your infill lines are...
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    newby questions

    You will love it. If you need any help with it just post here. Im pretty sure about everyone uses it here. Theres a config file in downloads on this site (downloads.php?cat=10) that you can import in the config file to s3d and basically take off printing
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    newby questions

    I wouldn't even spend the time to learn anything other than S3D. Its as simple as that.
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    New Heated Print Bed + PEI !!!

    Just received a bunch of these and it worked way better than 3m super adhesive! Now my bed is actually flat! Thanks dunginhawk
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    Nozzle rubbing on prints

    If its rubbing the whole time play with your bed level using babystep z and your extrusion mutiplier.
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    Nozzle rubbing on prints

    Is it scraping the whole time, or just during retractions? If just when its moving and not printing (The problem I had) you can adjust the Retraction Vertical lift setting in the extruder tab of S3D to fix this. I set mine to .4mm
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    Wrinkling in first layer

    Definitely go over the entire machine checking for lose bolts and if everything is square. Loose bolts would be my biggest complaint about the shipping other than only an email tech support. If you can get past these two issues it should be a decent machine.
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    New Heated Print Bed + PEI !!!

    Link me that adhesive tape!
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    Extruder Drive Gear

    Are we sure its the drive gear? I almost think its the tensioner... if you play with yours while it clicks does it solve it temporarily?
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    New Heated Print Bed + PEI !!!

    What kind of 3M tape are you using for this? My PEI keeps lifting of the glass in the center :P
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    Don't know where to start with this one?

    Also if its printing circles without filament, you should be using a brim. Lots of times material will ooze out of the nozzle while heating up, and you need this brim to "prime", for lack of a better term, your extruder. With a new printer, your going to want to change one step at a time...