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    PID Autotune

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    Error Max Temperature (SOLVED)

    Re: Error Max Temperature Thank you, What is a PID autotune?
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    Sticks too good

    Does ABS stick to the glass?
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    ABS Printing with Heated Bed

    I turned down the extrude temperature to 230C that kept the Max Temperature error away but now it seems like it may not be hot enough because the filament gets stuck in the nozzle and that messes uo the entire print.
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    newby questions

    Easier said than done, I see a preview G-Code that did not help. so what is the trick?
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    newby questions

    Things are working well now, but I noticed the bed leveling is not working because I don't see it probing the corners.
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    newby questions

    PEI (ULTEM) is expensive, I'm looking into getting the glass heated bed. You mentioned ABS, is that the filament your talking about, and I'm not sure what won't stick, seems like I want it to stick. I'll check out Printinz too.
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    newby questions

    Simplify3D works great!! Thanks for the advice. It would be nice to see a detailed explanation for what all of the setting mean but for now its working great. I have one unrelated problem, a couple of corners are lifting. I have just put on new blue tape and was able to watch the first several...
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    newby questions

    No offense taken, thanks for the advice, I'm buying it now what a deal. I hate wasting time. :)
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    newby questions