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    gMax 1.5+ 2016 User Guide

    Do not lubricate the lead screws. The lubricant will turn into a mess of black soot and eventually cause more friction. Do you have the nylon blocks with the tension adjustment?
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    Error Max Temperature (SOLVED)

    Re: Error Max Temperature You are over shooting your set temperature and hitting 243C. You should turn down temperature and slow print speed. I would not recommend setting a temperature over 235C. Try running a PID autotune for more stable temperatures.
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    Cement Molds

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    New BL touch just blinking (SOLVED)

    Re: New BL touch just blinking. The Bl touch will blink its red LED when it did not successfully complete the self test. The BL touch will run its self test when the printer is first powered up. The self test will push the plunger up and down 2 or 3 times. The self test could be failing...
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    quality issue

    Retraction distance is a setting in Simplify 3D. You can find it in the extruder tab.
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    Need help setting up my computer to run the printer

    Download and install the Arduino IDE. During the install, it will ask you which device drivers to install. Install all of them. Once these drivers are installed your computer should have no problem detecting and communicating with the Atmega 2560 of the...
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    quality issue

    This seems to be a retraction or temperature issue. Try increasing your retraction distance and decreasing your print temperature.
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    1mm Jhead

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    Fan not working

    If you test the screw terminals of the RJ-45 breakout board inside the electronics box, do you read 12V when it is set to 255? If I had to guess, the Rj-45 breakout board mounted to the extruder needs to be replaced...
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    BL Touch is Killing my Prints!

    This is either a faulty BL touch probe or there is an unreliable connection between the control board and BL touch.
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    Anyone have luck with ninjaflex?

    Look straight down the filament path and make sure the extruder gear is aligned with the PTFE tube below it. If it is not aligned you can adjust the position of both the stepper motor and the drive gear. You will obviously have to remove the filament before you can do this.
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    Print Issue - not smooth

    You will probably get better results by slowing down and decreasing layer height. The material is not adhering the layer beneath it. As the strand of plastic cools/shrinks it pulls the material inward.
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    gMax 1.0 axis setup problem

    What is your start gcode script?
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    1.5 XT and Simplify3D problems

    I know some people had issues with the tool switching. Their gcode files were not using the correct command. This was the fix:
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    1.5+ and 1.5 XT+ difference / price

    We offer the XT to meet demand for a taller Z-axis and provide the necessary build volume people want. The original gMax was "only" 10" in the Z axis. The extra size adds complexity for us in a variety of unexpected ways both for technical support and shipping.
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    Size and type of table to put 1.5 +

    No need for a power supply. Just a 110-120V 15 amp mains circuit. The gMax operating dimensions, not including filament roll or brackets, are 28.5”W x 35”D x 30.5”H (21.5"H for the gMax 1.5+).
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    Wrinkling in first layer

    Play with the first layer extrusion width, print speed, and temperature. No cooling on the first layer.
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    1.5+ and 1.5 XT+ difference / price

    The only difference is the build volume. Otherwise it is the same machine.
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    3D Printed Curta Calculator

    I am very interested in building this. I am willing to pay for the design files. Great work!
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    Let's talk Octoprint

    Sounds like you Laptop is talking to the Rpi3 over your network well. Is the Raspberry pi connecting with your gMax? It should connect to /dev/ttyACM0 at 250000 Baud. If you need to connect at 112500 baud (depends on the RPI), you need to configure the printers firmware to communicate at that...