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    New Gmax 1.5XT+ Owner First Real Print

    Good job on this dude. I like what you are doing. Printing this kind of stuff is not easy. You need precision and effort to perfect this. Keep posting your work. I like it.
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    Pacific NW gMax

    Looks great dude. Are you building a robot coz it looks like to me. How many time you tried making that thing? Must be really hard. You have to undergo many trial and errors to make that look perfect.
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    Northern California gMax 1.5 XT

    Good work man. Looks great. You must have spent hours trying to figure out how to print that thing right? I can see all the time, effort and hard work paid off. Keep posting you work here dude.
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    Detroit gMax

    Good work. Love to see this kind of printed output. Looks like your upgrade is very worth it. Keep posting pictures of your work dude. I love them.
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    Rear view mirror bases

    Cool stuff dude. I actually like how you printed these mirror base. How many times did you try to print this? Did you print this in one go? I think i need to learn from you. Post more of your work.
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    Prototype headlight

    Wow. This is amazing. Can you actually print something like this on a 3D printer? And here's my other question, can you use this prototype headlight on your car, is it going to work like the real one?
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    gMax running with Kisslicer

    This is a very good output dude. Wow. btw what did you print? is that a mouse or something. Anyway you have a very good skill set in terms of printing. I wish i could say the same for me.
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    2016 Indian jeep fog light adaptors

    Looks good! Good job. This is the best I've seen today. Your printing skills are very high. I have to admit I still have a long way before I can do this.
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    3d printer doens't turn on

    The first thing you need to check if your 3d printer fails to turn on is the power supply. Everything about this issue might be related to power that's why it doesn't turn on. Have you check it yourself or have someone check it for you?
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    Time Lapse of me building my GMax

    This is a amazing. Did you encounter any issues regarding this? Or all is well? I also want to print something like that. Its very cool to see it on a time lapse. Maybe next time I'll do the same.
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    New Heated Print Bed + PEI !!!

    Good job guys. You really nailed it. Awesome. I also want those heated bed. Now you can print anything you want without worries. In order to print something you need to have the best supplies and materials.
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    UK gMax

    Those are great dude! Pretty nice work. I don't think I can print something like that in my life. Im still figuring out the best way to use my printer and to use it at maximum potential.
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    Printer not printing at set temperature in Simplify3D

    Maybe the printer is too hot so it won't print. Adjust again the temperature using a lower degree and try it again. You have to be careful in setting the temperature up or it might ruin your prints.