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  1. Rojo

    Belt Pitch

  2. Rojo

    Brake Block Pattern

  3. Rojo

    Steam Whistle Print

    Well as promised below the link to a vid of the 3D printed 5 chime steam whistle on YouTube. For a plastic whistle it sounded pretty good, and should be even better when I work out how to make the patterns to cast it up in bronze. Rowan.
  4. Rojo

    Steam Whistle Print

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    UK gMax

  6. Rojo

    Bed Sag

    Hi, my bed also had a bend in it, it is not as big as Julia's bend, however a bend is a bend and it does frustrate me. I have so far managed to get away with it as I have not been printing huge objects across the bed, however I am working on bigger prints piece by piece ( so far longest print...
  7. Rojo

    Sloppy Layering

    Hi, I had this problem early on as well, I eventually found that the printer was over extruding, I am finding that I am slowly dialling it out on the Slic3r settings. The 2 settings that I found that really changed the quality of the print with the extrusion as follows: Filament Diameter...