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    Linear Rail Upgrade

    Never considered the Titan, doesn't seem like a real "upgrade" to me. The E3D v6 just works. Should be an easy upgrade though.
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    First Layer Print Quality

    Try using blue painters tape on the glass instead of just bare glass.
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    gMax 1.5 to gMax 2

    What difference does it make which they used?? They're not gonna upgrade your model for you, pick the ones you want to use. I would suggest Hiwin. I'm adding linear rails to mine now, if anyone is interested I may be able to put together an upgrade package when I'm done...
  4. J

    gMax 1.5 to gMax 2

    No such thing? They're not something new. Been around for quite a long time and I have 3 of them on my desk right now. Also have been using them for a year or so on my CNC mill.
  5. J

    Linear Rail Upgrade

    I've had the parts for quite some time now but just haven't done anything with them. Seeing the Gmax 2 lit a fire under me and I started the upgrade! Almost done sketching it and it looks like it'll be easy enough to do. Still have some things to figure out, like attaching the belt to the Z...
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    1.5XT(+) stl files

    Did you look here:
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    Wires Fell In The Way Of Print

    No, I didn't take it off the gmax 2, had them way before the 2 was announced. Yes I designed the parts. Easy to do in Sketchup.
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    gMax 1.5 to gMax 2

    You can buy all the parts yourself from openbuilds
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    Extrude print to adhesion plate printing

    This is what I do. G1 X300 Y15 Z0.3 ; move the platform to purge extrusion G92 E0 ; zero the extruded length G1 F200 X395 E30 ; extrude 30mm of feed stock G92 E0 ; zero the extruded length again G1 X150 Y150 Z25 F12000 ; recenter and begin Add that to your startup script right after the temp...
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    Gmax 1.5 + upgrade help. Y axis problems.

    So you mean Z axis, right? You say move "UP". That's the Z axis. And you show the anti-backlash nuts in your picture, that's the Z axis. Those are way too tight and probably causing your problem.
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    Wires Fell In The Way Of Print

    Cable chains.
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    How to print non-PLA large-format objects on the gMax 1.5 XT+ (not for the faint of heart!)

    I didn't have to do any of that except number 3. Print with carbon fiber for just about everything. I did add Octoprint but that isn't necessary to print, I use it because it's better.
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    keep breaking arduinos

    Another culprint is the fans. If you have an E3D hotend, the wires can be heated up to the point the insulation melts and shorts the wires. Use a multimeter and ohm them out before plugging them in.
  14. J

    Inconsistent Sides / Banding Issue ... eshooting/ I would try to extrude in midair to see if the filament comes out smooth and even. Lift the Z up to 300 or so and extrude 100mm. Is it even throughout?
  15. J

    Replacement LED Lights for Gmax 1.5xt

    From gCreate?
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    Thermal Runaway

    That's a big drop. Did you consider the fan shroud? They do eventually melt a little and may be blowing on the hotend instead of below it.
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    Firmware Update Error

    The 1.5 uses a different lcd display. You'll have to either buy the new one or modify the firmware to use the old one. That's my best guess based on your post. Could be wrong.
  18. J

    Thermal Runaway

    How much is the temp falling? Best bet is to change the values in the firmware. I think they set it too close. Google it. But I had a similar problem on another printer and it turned out to be the hotend wiring was frayed and it was causing the problem. So if there's no "mechanical" problems...
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    First Layer Not Smooth and Grooves After Firmware Upgradew

    Re: First Layer Not Smooth and Grooves After Firmware Upgrad .8 is a big nozzle. You're gonna have to tune your extruder for it. You are under extruding badly.
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    Z Axis problems. Extruder not contacting the bed.

    If it's stock, it'll have springs between it and the arm. You can tighten the screws to move it up or loosen to move it down. I didn't want to play with the springs so I made mine locked in place, removed the springs and put in spacers as needed, then made the adjustment in the firmware. A lot...