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    GMax 2 First Impressions (and some warnings!)

    Yes, what Joshua said. I was thinking about the acrylic bed vs. the heated bed when I responded. We use GeckoTek on top of the acrylic bed. That allows you to use a layer of glue for better adhesion.
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    GMax 2 First Impressions (and some warnings!)

    We're printing PETG on the acrylic bed. We were printing with PLA but it's a little too brittle for the purposes that we need it for. The PETG is flexible and can absorb shock. The PLA will start to string and we have to avoid that. We're printing at 245° to 250° and a slow rate. The bigger the...
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    GMax 2 First Impressions (and some warnings!)

    The only problems I've experienced are warping because my printer is directly under a cold A/C vent but I'm relocating. gCreate's customer service is hands down the best I've seen and even though they're busy filling orders, they always find time to make sure you're taken care of and up to speed...
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    Gmax 2 Slicing Files

    Probably in error. Ours came with the gMax2 slicing file. I think you can find it in the "DOWNLOADS" tab at the top of the forum.