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    TMC2208 Drivers on 1.5XT+

    We had our RAMPS board go out and we did an overhaul to RAMPS 1.6+ with TMC2208 drivers for everything but E0 and E1. I think we changed everything in Marlin we needed to (including config_adv for TMC2208) and the printer seems to act normal for the most part. The issue we are running into is...
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    1.5XT(+) stl files

    Joshua, that's the one! Thank you so much for uploading! I also went ahead an purchased some of the retractable cable ties from the other thread to help with the issues I was having, but now I have the best of both worlds! I appreciate everyone's help!
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    1.5XT(+) stl files

    Maybe my request wasn't very clear so I'm bumping this thread and adding details. Is there an STL available for the top version of the motor braket with the longer cable support (the version the 1.5XT+ shipped with)? The way the cabling is attached between these 2 motor brackets varies enough...
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    1.5XT(+) stl files

    Morning all! I was wondering if anyone could supply me with the stl files for the 1.5XT build? I was able to find the files for 1.5 but they are slightly different from those I am replacing (running into trouble with the cooling fan and dual extruder carriage). The only files I think I really...
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    Buildtak surface bubbled up after 20 hr ABS/TPE print

    I've only put around 10-15 prints (including the setup prints) through this surface before these bubbles showed up. All other prints used either no heat or 60C max. The bubbles only showed up in the smaller 8x8 area after my first 90 C ABS and TPE print which was a long 20+ hour print. Just...
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    Filament run out sensors for dual extrusion setups

    Hey everyone, I'm trying to determine if the board on the gMax 1.5XT+ can handle 2 separate filament run out sensors I.E. using 2 separate sets of pins? I'm thinking the alternative method would be to splice the cables into 1 set of pins to keep the desired effect. Any thoughts or comments on a...