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    Mosaic Palette 2 Gmax 2

    All is there a guide to use the Palette pro 2 on the gmax 2 or does anyone at a minimum know if I need to print a part so it can attach to the gcreate Gmax 2 extruder or not? Thanks, Brian
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    GMax 2 First Impressions (and some warnings!)

    I must say I have gotten good support thus far but am still working through various issues due to poor packing of the Gmax 2 when they are shipped. My X carriage ended up getting bent during shipping and my bltouch damaged. Gcreate has a sent me replacement parts for both. However even the...
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    Gmax 2 Slicing Files

    Hello all I happened to notice that the slicing files that came on my Gmax 2 are for the the 1.5+. Did this happen in error or was I just suppose to assume like I did to use the 1.5+ files and change the dimensions of the bed and the Z height? Thanks,, Brian
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    gMax 1.5 to gMax 2

    Yes agree guess we can only guess Chinese knock offs unless told otherwise.
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    For Sale G-Max 1.5xt+ in Washington DC

    Hello All, I'm selling my Gmax 15xt+ for $2000. The printer has an E3D volcano, heated bed with Buildtak flexi plate system and a filament runoff sensor. I'll also include various sizes of volcano nozzles. Please reply to this friend or PM me if you want pictures or are interested. Also...
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    gMax 1.5 to gMax 2

    You won't find it don't think there is a such thing just fancy words to get people wanting a Gmax 2.
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    Gmax 1.5xt+ for Sale Washington DC

    For sale: used gMax 1.5xt+. single print head E3D v6 volcano;including extra volcano nozzles; heated bed, runoff sensor. Good condition. 1st $2k gets it. Contact me at for pictures and purchasing arrangements. Sorry only local pick up can't ship to anyone due to large...
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    Wires Fell In The Way Of Print

    He took that off the gmax 2.
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    Nozzle Stuck in Hollow Print

    I'm pondering something. I attempted to print this hollow snowman on my Gmax 1.5 xt + with a 0.4 E3D volcano. The nozzle on my gmax ended up getting stuck inside the hollow part of the snowman and having a thermal underrun. My question is how do I avoid...
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    Simplify 3D Cooling Tab

    For reference for any one else having similar issues. M106 sets fan speed M107 turns the fan off.
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    Simplify 3D Cooling Tab

    Good catch I"m using the 1.1.8 firmware.
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    Simplify 3D Cooling Tab

    Thanks Joshua I'll give that shot. Either way always good to have every dialed in more precisely. Not sure that's my problem seems kind of weird that S3D keeps trying to turn my part cooling fan full speed when the settings aren't set that way. I also deleted the j-head nozzles maybe somehow...
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    Simplify 3D Cooling Tab

    Can someone take a picture of their cooling tab in Simplify 3D my extruder won't keep its temperature and I keep getting an over run error but I seem fine slicing in Cura.
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    Wires Fell In The Way Of Print

    Glad I asked don't make sense to reinvent the wheel. Apperantly I rarely print large prints to run into this now. Also if one person had this problem I'm not the first won't be the last.
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    Wires Fell In The Way Of Print

    I m guessing you tape the round part to the printer frame and either loop around the mesh or tape to the mesh?
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    Wires Fell In The Way Of Print

    Good Evening All, Curious if anyone has printed any large cable retention of somesort for their G-Max 1.5xt+. Long story short I was printing a large print and the large mesh of cables on my Gmax decided to land on top of my print and cause it to fail. Any suggestions would be greatly...
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    Adjust Bltouch Depending on Filimant Color and Brand

    Good Evening All, Just curious does anyone have to adjust their bltouch when they switch filament brands or colors. I find this the case for me I'm currently using an E3D volcano iwith a .8 nozzle. Thanks, Brian
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    Printing to my Gmax via USB Linux

    Anyone know where to start to make this work I have both Cura and Simplify 3D working just not sure what kernel driver I need for USB 3D pprinting or if I need additional software. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I am running CRUX Linux by the way which is source based.
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    E3D Heat Break

    I'm just curious if its just me that's a cults or if anyone has broken their heat break before. I'm gone ahead and ordered replacement parts for this from E3D its just a pain. Thanks, Brian
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    Thermal Runaway

    I ended up breaking down and installing my silicone sock and a replacement fan shroud I printed on my Ultimaker 3 extended with dissoluble PVA for support. My old fan shroud was in ok condition but a bit worn. I was able to do a test of my famous CR-10 cat with no issue so I think it was just...