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    Cura 4.2 - gMax 2 Config Files with Instructions 190730

    gMax 2 configuration files for Cura 4.x Configuration files have been tested on Cura 4.1 and Cura 4.2. Installation instructions can be found in the zip file.
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    Cura 3.5 - Installing updated gMax Configuration FIles 3.5.1

    Cura 3.5.1 currently has outdated configuration files and we have submitted them for review on the github for the next release. Use these configuration files as a workaround until they are fully integrated. Installation instructions can be found in the zip file and they must be followed for the...
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    Cura 3.1 gMax 1.5+ Single and Dual Extruder Configuration Files 18.01.19

    Configuration files for Cura 3.1. Cura is powerful free slicing engine with many advanced features. Refer to this forum post for installation instructions: