1. L

    Oozing with Chimera head on Gmax 2

    I've been having some trouble lately with my GMax 2. I'm using Simplify3D for slicing, and My settings are pretty close to the original defaults (details further down). To put it simply, I'm getting very messy prints and we can't seem to get them under control. I'm wondering if it may be...
  2. T

    Shifting on a gMax 2 Single Extruder

    Hey Everyone, I am at a loss. My gMax 2 will not stop shifting layers mid print. Latest was a 35 hour print and it shifted halfway through. We are getting ready to just junk this machine because 9/10 prints fail. I have tried switching from Cura to Simplify3D. I have tries checking all...
  3. gCreate

    gMax 2 Simplify3D Configuration Files 190910

    Configuration files for gMax 2 tested on Simplify3D v4.x.x Installation: 1. In Simplify3D click "File > Import FFF Profile" and import the files from the zip card. 2. To select the profile click "Edit Process Settings" and under the "Select Profile" drop down menu select "gCreate gMax 2" Zip...