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    Upgrade my aged gMax 1.5

    Hi Everyone, In view of the corona 3D print requests -- I'm looking to upgrade my very aged (original Gmax 1.5 with LCD display) to do some printing for the Local hospital needed items, like ear protectors for the mask straps. 1. Is it possible/practical to upgrade it to the full display? --...
  2. gCreate

    gMax 1.5+ BLTouch brackets (4 styles) v 1

    BLTouch bracket for the gMax 1.5+. We combined all the bltouch brackets into a single zip file. Contains: Single J-Head Bracket Dual J-Head Bracket Single E3D Bracket Dual E3D Bracket
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    gMax 1.5+ Volcano Fan Shroud and BLTouch Bracket v 1

    A new longer fan shroud and bltouch bracket when installing the E3D volcano hotend on the gMax 1.5+ http://e3d-online.com/E3D-v6/Volcano/Vo ... ack-1.75mm