3D Printing and Power Glitches

When you are printing for days you are faced with things such as weather and other unexpected power "blinks" or brief outages. I am running a UPS on my gMax 1.5 and just had a print ruined regardless of the UPS (i have the printer and laptop plugged in on the battery side and running power chute and that didn't work today after 4 days and a spool and half of material). What is the set up I need to prevent dorking prints up by power issues? Thanks!
What caused the print failure? Did the length of the outage exceed the runtime of your UPS? What UPS are you running?

We have multiple printers running on several UPS. The only time we have lost prints has been when the UPS batteries run out after 30 minutes or so. I am curious if your print failed when the UPS switched to the battery.
What we had yesterday were best described as monetary outages...just enough to have to reset our clocks, So yes when it switched to the battery the printer stops and the print is lost. I am using Astroprint on my printer as well. I am running an APC UPS with all the plugs into the battery backup side vice the surge protection. I have about 15 minutes runtime (according to the software. If I had a proctracted outage I would not be as frustrated. I figured that there has to be a backup system that would allow the printer to endure this stuff and go for a 15 to 30 minutes.
Sorry I didn't see your reply last week.

Are you certain the Astroprint device is drawing power from the UPS?

I would suggest testing the problem by starting a print and unplugging the UPS from the wall, just to observe what happens. We run our printers on APC 2200VA Smart-UPS and APC Smart-UPS 1500VA units without issue.

What UPS model are you using?