Adjust Bltouch Depending on Filimant Color and Brand

Good Evening All,

Just curious does anyone have to adjust their bltouch when they switch filament brands or colors. I find this the case for me I'm currently using an E3D volcano iwith a .8 nozzle.


You mean to get a good first-layer Z height? I haven't noticed a difference between filaments, but the fact that the BLTouch doesn't really have any specific spatial relationship to the nozzle itself has often been problematic. I was finally able to dial in my Z offset to something like -3.6 and store that setting, but of course it will be different on your printer. Do a Z-home, use the babystep-z to run the nozzle down to where it just grabs a piece of paper between it and the bed, write that value down and plug it into the Z offset parameter. If there's already a value there, add the two values together and make that the Z offset.