Alien Egg

I had this sci-fi egg I did for a project in Cinema4d and decided to print it. This was the first time I printed something that needed support material. I used slicer's basic settings to set the loft material. It turned out very cool looking. I treated it with a little acetone using my Makeraser.

The egg sort of resembles a butterfly egg and hornets nest. A neat little desk display.

After removal of the support material:

After being cleaned up with acetone:



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It's a fun show to watch and the books are supposed to be great (Anna loves them). The egg looks great too. Try printing around 0.26mm layer height and we've found the print comes out even better (with a 0.5mm nozzle).

I think the acetone smoothing looks nice and I wonder if you can get the print even smoother. What filament type were you using?

This is a 0.2mm layer height print from Easter. Its 0% infill and 3 walls thick:


I used ColorFabb's leaf green to print the egg. I'll have to use your suggested layer height setting.

Your egg looks really cool. I love the patterns!