Alternates for Heated Bed


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Instead of using a heated bed or a heated enclosure it is easier and safer to use a heat fan. These can be found, for little money, on amazon and they are much safer and friendly than dealing with a heated bed/bed thermistor.

We have tested using the Optimus 300 watt 9" Dish heater ( with great results. The bed held a decent high temp, due to the acrylic, and the model retained high temperatures for the duration of the print. It is recommended to use two heaters, of a lower strength, at opposite ends of the print surface for optimal printing.

Using said heaters did not add any more strain to the arduino board and were easy to manage. Keep in mind if the heaters are shut off or stopped during a print, the model may form cracks as it is cooling down before the print finishes.

Current tests were performed with PLA and ABS is up next to test with.

I putting this to the printer.

Is small but im gonna try. Maybe i gonna put some welding blanket or similar to try to maintain the heat under the glass.I think im not gonna have very good results.

Other option is put the monster bed ,i think is not cheap.
And other option im thinking is put a Resistance heating wire a long all the glass. I see this heating wires working under aluminum and he work fine.12 v too.

I have some issues why the acrylic plate.He touch in the Y motor.Maybe more spacer in the slot wheels?

In the X carriage the wheels have some movement don't run fine,i lost movements in X axis and print fail.The wheel of the bottom maybe most be more down ? I must do the bottom hole a little more big and push down the wheel a little .I m printing again the pulley x part too, at 100% infill for good resistance.

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matt_hova said:
How do you position the heating fan in relation to the printing bed? My fear would be melting the plastic extruder parts.

Turns out the heat fan was a bad idea. We warped an acrylic bed to the point it had a 1" crown in the center.

We believe a heated bed is a better solution even though it requires a strong power supply.

We have been actively testing new ideas for the bed and hope to reveal something soon.

I have just received my gMax and had been considering heated bed options, and am wondering if there have been any new developments in your research for possible solutions.