Anyone have luck with ninjaflex?

Does anyone have luck printing ninjaflex? It seems my printer will end up pushing the filament out between the drive gear and the filament guide tube, even though there is barely any space to do so. Its totally random when it happens. Wondering if anyone has luck doing so?

237 temp
no retraction
2 things.
need a ptfe tube running up to the hobbed bolt (gear) that is angled so there is NO room.
on top of that if you disable retraction that will help prevent that from coming out that gap, because it never retracts which causes that issue
Yeah you nailed it with the PTFE tubing and shaping it just right underneath the bearing and the drive gear. I had to use an exacto knife to shave down the tubing so it fit just perfectly to not allow barely any gap at all. I also ended up needing to buy an E3D hotend to get consistently good prints with NinjaFlex and other TPU-like materials.

That being said once you have everything set properly, printing with NinjaFlex is IMO one of the more rewarding and impressive materials to work with. It's durable in the extreme and the little straps I designed and printed with it I use literally every single day on my coffee mug and water bottle(s) I'm also convinced a person could design some incredibly cool and mutli-functional wearables with it, which I'm slowly working on.

As a printing tip if you use Simplify3D, I had to set my extrusion multiplier to 1.12 and infill extrusion width to 1.10 in order to have a solid "water-proof" surface to prints. Otherwise the infill becomes more of a fine mesh, which is cool in a way and could be useful, but I need my surfaces solid. Also I found that much over 16mm/s as a main print speed gave the best results and least amount of failures when feeding the filament.

BTW if you get into printing a lot of flexible filaments there's a Swedish filament re-seller that has it in varies hardnesses for considerably cheaper than NinjaFlex:
So do I need to buy some more tubing to cut? or can i just pull this one and cut it and have it be a little shorter?

I dont really have use for lots of ninjaflex, I just have one design I really want to try in ninjaflex :cool:
Look straight down the filament path and make sure the extruder gear is aligned with the PTFE tube below it. If it is not aligned you can adjust the position of both the stepper motor and the drive gear. You will obviously have to remove the filament before you can do this.
Thank you all! I bought some new tubing and cut it to sit flush with both the bearing and the gear and voila im printing ninjaflex.

Thanks for the help everyone.