Anyone want a 16" build height?

I'm curious to know if anyone is trying to change the height limitation on the system to build something 16"x16"x16". If anyone has come up with a way to do so, I'd love to hear it. Thanks.

Great to hear! I only ordered a few weeks ago, so I probably won't see my printer for a while. But I'd love to upgrade this to a 16" build height ASAP. I'm hoping to build 16" cube terrariums out of t-glase.


Staff member
Just a heads up... T-glase was very difficult to print with. Since we have a fairly common hotend, it's not our printer but it just seems the material is just plain hard to work with. I printed it at around 20mm/sec speed and even then it wasn't the easiest. Colorfabb xt worked better and other transparent materials were better yet.