Are there different types of resin for 3D printing?

The Technology: Stereolithography

Stereolithography, the mother of all 3D printing technologies, has been around at Materialise since 1990. It is one of the most widely used 3D printing technologies for plastic 3D models. Instead of using powder or filament, Stereolithography technology uses a liquid resin to produce 3D prints. Since we are dealing with a liquid material, additional support structure is necessary for overhanging parts and cavities. rapid prototyping tamilnadu andhrapradesh mumbai pune chennai delhi india

some of the widest range of resins for their 3d printer "Form+1 and +2. And the variety of resins come from Clear, Tough, Flexible and Castable resins.

3d printer resin - stereolithography process (SLA)technology


TOUGH RESIN - hd hard

White Resin - hd white

FLEXIBLE RESIN - hd elastic

spotamaterials resin - hd mechanical & engineering

that works with the mUVe3d printer, and the FunToDo Resin, but since they are not designed for an specific printer, you need to calibrate whenever you use a diferent resin, even from the same provider. Example: "White Resin" from "MakerJuice" needs different settings than the "Red Resin" because of the reflection of the laser or UV light.