auto-home issue

Hey everyone, pretty new to the forum but I've had my gmax for about 6 months now. Overall i'm very happy with it but i'm having some issues recently that have me trying to find a solution:

currently i'm having an issue with the "auto-home" function on the printer. it has worked in the past but I recently had a very catastrophic failed print and since then I haven't had much luck on getting any prints to work right. but here's the issue:

when I give the command auto-home from the printer itself, it'll home the x axis, then the y axis, but rather than going to the center, it attempts to home the z-axis in that corner. and when it does come in contact with the bed, it pushes straight through. I have turned the machine off to prevent any damage and unfortunately since this started to show I haven't been able to correct it. Any thoughts?

gmax 1.5xt+ dual extruder, I have been using Octopi to control it normally. Thanks!


Staff member
Sounds like your wires for the BLTouch came loose or disconnected. Double check them behind the led cover that they havent been pulled apart. Then make sure they are plugged in correctly on the electronics board. But turn it off before you go inside the electronics board.