Bed attachment plate question

Hi there!

Assembly has been going well. Appreciate all the effort that must have gone into the instructions!

Ran into a question... It seems like the 11x4 transparent plastic bed plate I received for my 16x16x9 unit may be for a smaller unit. It appears to be missing two pairs of screw holes when compared to the diagram on page 14.

I could use the two pairs of holes on each side but (a) diagram implies three pairs with the pair nearest the ends being unused and (b) the plate appears to be ~2/3 width of the unit while mine is half the width.

(Picture is larger than the actual plate)



Hey Don, looking at the manual I see where the confusion stems from.

I believe that the outermost holes are for the wheels, the slightly inner ovals are for mounting the aluminum angle, and the 2 holes in the center are for the 3D printed plastic parts that clamp this to the belt.
Other things:

The perspective view used in the manual's drawings may have that effect.

You can slide the rails closer together and then out slightly as needed to lock into the wheels. The aluminum rails should match up with the holes in the larger acrylic sheet that is the printbed.
Is there anywhere that the CAD file for the carriage bed shown in the image lives? I snapped mine off while trying to scrape off a print :( I need to cut a new one.
Yeah, Gordon mentioned that those four rectangular cut outs, designed to reduce the weight of the carriage, did result in loss of structural stability once before. He sent me the Illustrator files, I'd be happy to send those your way, just get me your email.