Best Practices for Pausing Print at Night

Hi everyone,

I tried looking into gMax guides and did not see anything about pausing the print at night and starting the print again in the morning. The reason why we pause it a night is because we had filament issues where the filament spool fell down, filament had kinks, etc. So we decided to pause the print at night.

Is there a guide anywhere or based on experience, recommendations?

Lately we have been doing the following steps:
1. Pausing Print
2. Manually reducing the temp to zero
3. Manually reducing the speed fan to zero
Leave the office at night.
In the morning before resuming the print
1. Manually increasing the nozzle temp. to whatever the temperature it was set
2. Manually increasing the fan speed to whatever the speed was set
3. Resume print

I am also open to tips and best practices for not pausing long print projects that span multiple days.

Thank you very much.