Controller Lock Out Print Stop

Hi, I am using a 1.5XT+ with firmware 1.19Beta and Cura 3.6. I have had no issues previously with printing smaller projects. My current project was supposed to print in approximately 5 days. First attempt the Printer stopped printing after about 8 hours. The control unit was locked up and nothining I could do to recover and once you power on reset I decided to start over. This time I was just under 3 days into the print and on my second spool of PLA and the same thing happened again. One thing I did do both times was leave the Babystep control on. Not sure that is the culpren


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Try doing a PID tuning. This will basically dial in the thermistor so it can keep better control of the temperature. Here are instructions on how to do that. You can also try turning down your part cooling fan. This will help the temperature stay regulated.
I did the test and settings were off and are now set to the PID test results. I also noticed that autotemp is set to off. I was wondering if that is correct.

The issue occured again. As stated before I did the PID tests and adjusted accordingly. I also went back and tweaked the BLT touch and made sure the nozzle distance from the print surface was where it needed to be according to the video. I then printed a test print out from the ones supplied by gCreate. It came out fine. I started to print the project file that I have had these issues with and it again stopped about 40 minutes into it. I was unable to change any settings, the heat was still on as when I turned it on and off I started to heat the PLA to remove the print and it was around 189. Took a couple 90 seconds to POR and find the PLA preheat. I am using CURA 3.6 and 1.19 Beta.