Dual E3D Hotend Fans Do Not Power On

So I just upgraded from a single point J-Head to one of the dual extruder E3D hotend kits that gCreate had on their website for a few days (now they're gone again).

I installed everything, per the instructions, which I had to email support to get. I had to buy my own mounting hardware, because it wasn't included. Now I am attempting to follow through on the last part of the instructions, but after about 2 minutes, the #1 extruder failed to print any more material.

I looked through this forum (and a few others), and I think my issue is that the E3D fans aren't on and now my hotend is clogged. So I looked through the Hardware Support post and it mentions making sure a certain wire is plugged into the RJ45 board. It is. I followed all the instructions to the letter, twice.

I really don't know what else to do. What am I doing wrong? How can I get the fans on so my printer can finally do two filaments?
If you want help from here a few pictures would really help, otherwise, you can call support directly and they may be able to walk you through it.
First thing to do is follow the wires coming off the fans. Are they connected to constant 12v?
Do you have a meter to measure the voltage?
Can't really tell from those pictures. Don't see the fan wires in them.
Try this, find the fan connection on the board and flip it the other way. They are polarity sensitive so maybe it's backwards.
A meter is your best bet
So in the second picture, the wires come directly off the fan, and splice into the green connector you see in the top right of the first picture.

I'm wondering if this is a software issue. The E3D fans should come on and stay on as long as the printer is powered. I have 1.1.9 installed. Maybe it would be worth it to flash another version and see if that helps?

EDIT: I stand corrected those fan plugs go into a separate slice that connects directly below the extruder RJ45 connector. I will shoot those wires once I pickup a multimeter tomorrow. Thanks for the suggestion.
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That did it! That part of the wiring came pre-assembled from gCreate when it shipped out. Turns out it was just plugged in backwards. Easy fix.

Thanks, Jarhead!