Dual E3D Upgrade Kit


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Dual E3D Upgrade Kit Intallation

Here are the steps for upgrading your dual extruder from J-Head hotends to All Metal E3D hotend. You will also have to update your firmware after this installation is complete as the max temperature has changed along with settings for the thermistor. The offsets have also slightly changed with the dual E3D setup.

J-head Removal

LED Old.JPG Fan Shroud Remove.JPG
You are going to start with removing the LED Light cover on your gMax printer. Followed by removing the fan shroud that is currently installed.

Thermistor-JHead.JPG Terminal Block.JPG
Next you want to disconnect the hotend power wires and thermistor wires. We have switched over to using a quick disconnect plug for the hotend power wire instead of a terminal block. The new E3D's have the new plugs installed on them.

Term New.JPG
Install the new plugs on the hotend power wire coming from the electronics box. Make sure to have black and red wires on the extruder 1 plug and green and white wires on the extruder 2 plug.

J-head Remove.JPG Hotend Plate.JPG
After the J-head hotends have been disconnected, you are going to need to remove the M5x40mm Bolts holding them in place. Make sure to save aluminum plate at the top of the J-head hotends. These plates will be needed to install the E3D hotends.

BLTouch Bracket

BLtouch J-head.JPG
Once you have the J-head hotends removed, it is time to change the BLTouch mounting bracket

BLTouch Hardware Setup.JPG
After you have removed the bracket, make sure to save all hardware used to mount the BLTouch to the bracket. You will need these to mount the BLTouch to the new bracket that was sent with the kit. Notice that you need to have the spring sandwiched between the two washers.

The new bracket has locknuts installed to help prevent the BLTouch from loosing its height. You are going to want to tighten the screws down until there is about 1/4" gap between the top of the BLTouch and the bottom of the bracket.

E3D Installation

E3D Hotend Plate.JPG E3D Install.JPG
Now you can start installing your new E3D hotends. Make sure to insert the provided PTFE tubing into the E3D. You may have to pull PTFE tubing out of your extruder from the J-head hotends. There is no need to save the old PTFE tubing. You will also be using the metal brackets that were taken off of the J-head hotends. It is easiest to insert the M5x40 mm bolts in the holes before putting the bracket on the the E3D.

No Fan.JPG
You may have to remove the left E3D's active cooling fan to install.

BLTouch Install.JPG
After the E3D's have been installed, you will want to install the BLTouch with its new bracket. The BLTouch no longer needs to be installed at the same time as the LED light cover. This helps cut down on the amount of adjusting that may need to be done to the BLTouch. After the BLTouch is installed, it is time to install the new fan shroud. The new fan shroud will sit lower than the original fan shroud since the E3D hotends are longer than J-heads.

Fan Splitter Initial.JPG Fan Splitter Final.JPG
Now that the hotends are installed, you can start to wire everything up. There is a special spliter cable that is used to connect both active cooling fans for the E3D. Use the supplied pins to connect the active cooling fans to the spliter. Once this is connected, you can use a piece of tape and a zip tie to hold it together. After the active cooling fan is all taken care of, you will need to connect the thermistors in the correct position. The left extruder is number 1 and the right is number 2

Wire Management.JPG Zip New Term.JPG
Now you can start to zip tie the wires together to prevent them from getting tangled or randomly pulled. You can also connect the Extruder power wire plugs and zip tie them to the rear of the extruder

Once all of the wires have been connected, it is time to install the LED Cover. The new cover that was sent with your upgrade kit does not need to be screwed on anymore. The cover has a piece that slides over the RJ-45 mounting screws and holds it in place.

Final Steps

After everything is installed, you are going to have to update your printers firmware. Instructions for this can be found in the resources tab of the forum. You can also find a YouTube video on updating the firmware here.