Dual Extruder Nozzle Clogging

A few months ago, I purchased a gMax 2 with Dual Extruder. I have gotten to the point that I would like to start using the second extruder with PVA support material. I cannot find a dual extruder Simplify3d config file anywhere on the site. I setup my own machine config (generic) in Simplify3d. I copied over all of my settings from my single extruder profile to the dual extruder profile. I decided on a "ball in cube" model to print to test my profile.
The print fails because the primary extruder keeps getting plugged up and will not longer extrude a few minutes into each setting. The only difference between the working configuration file (single extruder) and the newer profile (dual extruder) is in the Tool Change Retraction settings. I suspect that, on the tool change the filament is being drawn up to quickly or too far and is solidifying above the heat break causing the clog.

Does anyone have a working dual extruder profile for Simplify3d I can use as a starting point?