Dual Extruder Upgrade

Hi there, I'm looking for some support on my dual extruder upgrade! I have a gMax 1.5+ which came with a 0.5mm J-Head. We purchased a dual extruder upgrade kit. I'm looking at the Dual E3D upgrade section on the forum and the instructions seem to be based on replacing only the extruder head, while I have the entire extrusion unit including fan and a new BLTouch unit. It looks as simple as unscrewing the old one and screwing on the new one, changing out a few plugged cables, and trying it out. I just want to be sure I'm not missing anything. I'm also not sure how I wire up the second extruder when it appears the gMax 1.5+ only has one set of extruder power cables coming off it.

I guess my other question would be, am I supposed to receive springs for the filament inlet? This dual extruder came with a bunch of extra pieces and cables, but the springs that let me push down on the filament inlet lever are not with it. I can use the spring that came with my J-Head but then I'm still missing one. Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!
I really need help with this... I've sent Joshua a message and there's been no reply. I sent an email to Tech Support and they are shipping me the springs, but they were very unhelpful so far regarding information on how to do the upgrade. I was basically told I could return unused items for a refund and a -15% restock fee. I just want to upgrade my printer!

As I believe Tech Support was confused by what I'm trying to accomplish, I'll explain in a little more detail. Currently equipped to my gMax 1.5+ is a SINGLE J-Head extruder and a SINGLE harness assembly (not sure what you'd call it, but the extruder, hotend, fan, filament feed, motor and wiring are all part of this piece). I ordered and received a DUAL harness assembly to completely replace the single, it has all the same stuff but two heads, extruders, etc. The instructions on your forum only show how to replace a DUAL J-Head with a DUAL E3D by removing and replacing just the heads, but I am replacing the entire assembly. I do not know how to dismount and remount the assembly, and the wiring seems simple for a single unit but I am having trouble finding where the wiring connects for the secondary extruder. I cannot find any information for this on your site.
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Can you attach some pictures of what you have currently on your gmax, and what you are trying to go to?

I have a gcreate Max 1.5+ with dual e3ds. Does the upgrade kit have a carriage to support a new extruder?
Yes the upgrade kit came complete with the carriage. I have attached the photos of what is currently attached (single J head) and what came from gCreate to replace it. I am just missing the instructions on removal/replacement of the carriage, and how to wire up the secondary extruder motor.

Images 152403 and 152408 depict the single J-head attached to my gMax 1.5+. All other images depict the replacement parts that came from gCreate, including the dual E3D carriage, the cables, a run-out sensor, and a new filament spool bracket.