Dual Extrusion in Cura

Hi all,

Does anyone have any advice for using the Dual E3D extruders in Cura? I manually calculated the offset of the two nozzles and input it into Cura. I was able to run two trials and both failed, this is what happened:

1. The printer seemed to line up the two extruders perfectly, then after switching between extruders a second time it went to the front left corner of the bed and waited for a nozzle to heat up. It then drove to the left, hit the end stop, and proceeded to print at the complete wrong part of the bed.

2. This second attempt it started printing the same geometry except with the WRONG NOZZLE, then when it went to switch to the other nozzle it ended printing with the same nozzle except in a different location. After it went to do another nozzle switch it went to the front left corner of the bed at which point I stopped the print out of fear of it crashing again.

Any idea what i'm doing wrong? The printer shipped with the two E3D extruders, and a test dual extrusion print. This shows that at one point the printer ran a dual extrusion print without issues. There isn't a dual extrusion Cura profile, so maybe its something in the slicer i'm setting up wrong. My Ultimaker dual extrusion profile runs perfect, but that was pre-setup.


You’ve noticed that the Cura profiles that gCreate provides are basically worthless—they’re for an old version of Cura, with no dual extruder support. We fought with trying to patch together a good Cura profile, but finally gave up (after wasting an awful lot of nGen filament) and bought a license of Simplify3D, because gCreate actually provides decent profiles for that one. So far so good.

There are definitely some firmware issues with the E3D dual extruder, but gCreate can’t help you there. I removed the second hotend and am running the Dual E3D with just the left-hand extruder.
Someone on here must have come up with a usable setting for Cura and dual extrusion with the E3D dual. Its kind of unacceptable to claim you support a certain functionality with a certain software and then not deliver on it. I'm fine with having to do some set up and calibration, but this is more than that apparently.