End Stops not stopping the motors and threaded rod wobble.

i got connection from my pc to the printer working .. doing the homing i notice the end stops will not stop the printer motors even though the blue lights are lit on the end stops when contact occurs... almost ruined the printer bed ..
Any suggestions??????

Also i see there is wobble in the threaded rods i do not know if it is cause they are bent? or some other issue ... i know i have the threaded rods as far into the coupler as i could...motor ends almost as far into the coupler as i could.....

Also not sure how tight the belts should be both on the bed and the extruder...
Re: End Stops not stopping the motors and threaded rod wobbl

The bent lead screws should not cause much of a problem. Unless they are very bent. The linear bearings align the z axis. The lead screws are too long in my opinion. I guess its like that for looks but when installing them its easy to bend them because they are so long.

My first thought for the buttons is to make sure they are plugged in correctly... Which i am sure you checked. Then double check the connection in the electronics. That is all I can recommend. That is strange that all of them are not working but the bluelights are coming on.

I fastened the belt in place with very little slack in the belt. Then put the spring on. It really hurt my fingers but the belt does not slip at all. I am not sure how tight is too tight. My first mod once Gordon releases the design files are belt tensioners.

Sorry i could not be more helpful.
Re: End Stops not stopping the motors and threaded rod wobbl

i appreciate all your help i am like a step away from seeing if anyone is in the nj area to help me out :)


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Re: End Stops not stopping the motors and threaded rod wobbl

If the end stops are lit up when triggered, but it doesn't home correctly you may have the end stops plugged into the wrong spots on the board. For instance the X end stop might be plugged into the y end stop position.

I suggest following the end stops and homing section at https://reprappro.com/documentation/hux ... and_Homing in pronterface / printrun. If you send the M119 code while pressing each end stop in turn you can see if the plugs are in the right or wrong spots.
Re: End Stops not stopping the motors and threaded rod wobbl

that was exactly the problem one end stop was named wrong .. now only probelm left is bad sounding as it prints /a bit herky jerky at times ...

I have the belts nice and tight.. anyone else know what could make it jerky etc????


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Re: End Stops not stopping the motors and threaded rod wobbl

Make sure that each axis travels easily and smoothly by hand with the motors off. Nothing should be too tight and have a lot of friction or be too loose and jitter as it moves.

If everything moves well and you still have problems, check that the Z axis is level. Both sides should measure to the top or to the bed at the same distance.

If that is good and you still have problems, you may need to adjust your stepper motor drivers. See the last page of the manual. The video at the link below shows what it sounds like when the stepper motors aren't set right and illustrates setting them. He is not using the exact same stepper motors (they are still A4988, but I believe the gMax uses the gadgets3d variety). The video will give you the idea. The last page of the manual will give you the process. Be sure to check the temperature of the motors and drivers in the last step after a print has run for a few minutes. http://youtu.be/xqPWojmU7y4


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Re: End Stops not stopping the motors and threaded rod wobbl

Hi Dave,

We emailed you directly but I wanted to put the same information in this post for others to read.

Regarding the bent acme rod, as Spudwheelie mentioned, it does not affect the print quality. The smooth rods are actually what the z-axis relies on and the threaded rods are purely used to lift/lower the extruder. The acme rods should be free on the bottom to allow for any unwanted movement otherwise this may translate to the extruder head.

As for the jerky print movements, we have found that the majority of the time this is directly a result of slicing problems. Make sure to go to the download portion of our site and grab the latest slic3r config files for slic3r 1.1.7. It's hard to imagine how important the right slicing settings are but they can really make or break your printing experience.

We have also uploaded 3 different videos about using slic3r and 3d printing techniques which we recommend everyone check out. We made them for our customers and they can be found on our youtube channel or below

Slic3r 1.1.7 Tutorial Part 1 - Setup and Overview:

gCreate Slic3r Tutorial Part 2 - Time to Slice and Print:

Slic3r 1.1.7 and 3d Printing Tutorial Part 3 - Advanced Techniques:
Re: End Stops not stopping the motors and threaded rod wobbl

Dave, I messaged you here on the forum a few days back - I'm also in NJ although not sure which area you're in - let me know if I can be of any help.