Error Codes

Firmware Error Codes

Homing Failed

•Typically, this error is a result of the extruder not recognizing the X or Y axis minimum limits during homing. It also could be a result of the BLTouch not registering the home or false triggering as the extruder lowers. Make sure the path is clear for the extruder and any ribbon cables or wires are not loose.​

Heating Failed (Hotend and Bed)

•If the hotend or bed fails to heat even 1 degree, after being instructed to do so, over 15 seconds it will trigger a heating failed event.​

•Check all the wiring and connections.​

•Make sure your space isn’t too cold or the bed might have trouble heating.​

•Make sure the bed is plugged in and the fuse isn’t blown (located where the power cord plugs into the SSR).​

Thermal Runaway

•If the hotend or bed registers a temperature far outside the target for a long period, a thermal runaway will trigger to protect the printer and you. Check to see if the thermistor is malfunctioning primarily by moving the wire when it’s set to a temperature. If the temp jumps wildly you may need to replace the thermistor and/or wire. Also inspect the wires and connectors for damage.​

Probing Failed

•Typically if your x-axis or bed is very far out of alignment, a probing failed event will occur. This happens is the extruder is trying to probe a point below the safety margin. Make sure your x-axis is level and your bed isn’t distorted. Make sure the bltouch pin is dropping as you home and its not false triggering.​

•Probing failed may occur if you place a G29 command in your gcode. Remove the command and level the bed from the bed leveling menu.​

Min/Max Temp

•Min temp errors occur if the extruder or bed registers a zero temp as you are trying to heat or start a print. Inspect the wires for damage and replace thermistors/wires if necessary.​

Heating Failed

•If the hotend and or bed display a temperature but doesn’t heat it will trigger a heating failed event after a period of time. Check the wires and connectors for damage. Replace wires or connectors or heater cartridge if necessary.​

Home offsets

•Reset the printer to factory defaults. The home offsets may have been changed causing the center of the bed to shift.​

LCD missing fonts/config mismatch

•Your LCD screen firmware may have become corrupted or mixed versions of firmware and files were installed. Copy all the LCD screen firmware, icons and font data to an SD card and restart the printer. See the LCD firmware section for more information on installing firmware.​

Printer Connecting (Never Connects) / Printer Not Connected

•If you reset the printer too quickly it may display this message. Turn off the printer and wait a few seconds before turning it back on.​

•Make sure the baud rate has not changed on the LCD screen. It should be set to 115200 under “Menu > Connection > S. Ports > 1 - Printer”. (If your printer will only connect when you change the baud rate to 250000, then you are running an older firmware)​

•From the main screen press anywhere in the middle for 2 seconds and go to Classic Marlin mode. You may have to rotate or click the knob for marlin to activate. It may prompt you to reset the EEPROM. Click OK if it does then go to “Configuration> Store Settings”. If you are not prompted, go to "Configuration > Restore Defaults" then “Configuration> Store Settings”​

•If the printer has a black screen and marlin mode doesn’t load, you may have to reinstall the firmware on the main board. Refer to the Section above.​

•The black 5 pin cable going from the electronics to the LCD screen might be damaged or additional issues might exist. Contact tech support.​

Failed to enable bed leveling

•When you install new firmware or factory reset the printer, sometimes the bed leveling matrix has been erased. Click ok, and run bed leveling again. Make sure to enable bed leveling after it completes if it’s turned off.​

Printer halted Kill() called

The printer will stop if it detects an error. Click ok and from the main screen click the very top left of the screen to bring up a list of recent notifications to see what halted the printer.

Min temp kill() called: If the printer beeps several times and a min temp warning then a kill() called warning pops up the bed is trying to heat up but it’s not reading temperature or it isn’t installed. Make sure the heated bed is installed and if you have the bed turned on in your slicing software and if not, turn off the heated bed in the slicer or set the temperature to zero.​

Heating Failed kill() called: If the printer is trying to heat the bed or the hotend and it can’t the printer will show a heating failed message and the printer will halt. This is a safety feature to prevent out of control heating. Look at the notifications, outlined above) and see which part isn’t heating. If it’s the bed, make sure the bed is plugged in​


•Echo commands are just messages informing the user of something and are not necessarily errors or issues. For example, echo “Fade Height 10” is just letting the user know the fade height for bed leveling is set to 10.​

Illegal Flash App

•If the touchscreen is all black and says “Illegal Flash App” you must reformat the SD card and reinstall the firmware. Make sure to use a 8Gb or less card formatted to Fat32 with default allocation size.​
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