Extra Parts to keep handy

I just got my Gmax 1.5. Assembly went very well. And it looks awesome with black and red. Only problem is I have a MINTEMP error. When I checked for continuity across the thermistor on the terminals in the back of the extruder. My multi-meter said that the thermistor was not making a circuit. So its broken. Gordan is sending me a new thermistor to replace the broken one. So I thought I would just buy a box of these incase it happens again. Which got me wandering is there anything else I should keep extras of? This thing needs to be going 24/7. I got a lot of Christmas presents to make. Any ideas?

I have not bought a box of thermistors or tape yet... Anyone know what kind to get and who has them for cheap.


Staff member
Shoot us an email for the best response. MINTEMP errors are rare but they do happen (as you witnessed) but you shouldn't need a bunch of extra thermistors. We've actually been using some of our same thermistor/j-head combinations from the early days of gMax with no problems. This is even after switching them to new extruders 2-3 times.
I just like having extra parts. For example. I am using a thermistor on my fish tank but it is not the same as the one on the extruder and its waterproofed. I like having them for other projects and as replacement parts. I also have an extra arduino mega and over 100 atmega 328p chips (Overkill...) I sell the occasional custom project. And I will be getting an extra stepper or two for replacement and experimenting with stuff. I like to have parts that are compatible across all my projects. If anyone has any recommendations for good gmax parts.