extruder belt extra length

Hey I attached the extruder belt to make the extruder go side to side, and I end up having about 3 inches extra on each side from the clamps, dangling basically in front of my hotends? It would seem that it might get in the way of printing, am I supposed to cut some off or is there holes that I'm supposed to shove it into, kind of like the 3 piece acrylic steps, where it told me to put the excess belt into the holes of the middle acrylic piece?

Just spent about 12 hours building it, lol taking my time to not mess something up, and now I want to turn it on and see if everything works correctly, but I don't want to do that until I know what to do about the extra length from the extruder belt. What do I do?

Hi Santa,

You can trim the excess. Make sure you leave some extra to give you something to hold on to when you need to tighten the belt.
Turns out I didn't need to trim them, they just had to "relax" from the coiled up position and after the first day I was able to just tuck them up above the extruders