Extruder Drive Gear

Good afternoon... Has anyone noticed slippage in the drive gear on the gmax stock extruder assembly?
It seems to be happening more and more recently and mostly printing at higher speeds.
I know all the normal culprits, low extruder temp, chunked up gear, spring tension etc.. But i dont think its any of those.
I feel like the teeth on that gear are pretty fine compared to some of the others ive seen...
Has anyone replaced that stock gear with something coarser, sharper teeth?

I am starting to try to print at 80-140mm/s because quite frankly this thing is built so well im getting amazingly good prints at that speed, so I want to help offset some slippage im seeing.

BTW not only slipping at 100mm/s, sometimes lower.
.4mm nozzle...
yes I print abs at 245-250 because I also run a cooling fan on abs as well.. helps it not crack and delaminate.
Certainly it shouldnt click at that temp at 75mm/s
Are we sure its the drive gear? I almost think its the tensioner... if you play with yours while it clicks does it solve it temporarily?