First Layer Print Quality


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I've been having adhesion issues with my first layers recently, which based on some trial and error seems to be due to the bed not being level. I'm using the gMax 1.5+ that has the BLTouch auto-leveling sensor, which from what I understand removes the need to manually level the bed. However, even after running the bed level sequence, I'm still having issues with print quality. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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You will need some type of bed adhesion product. Such as blue painters tape, glue stick, or hair spray. They also make products specifically for bed adhesion. 3D Gloop is believe is one company. But you will also need to make sure you remove the "g28 x0 y0" and "g29" lines from your start gcode. Otherwise, the printer will not use the saved bed leveling.


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Thanks for the advice. I recently purchased a PEI sheet, but was hesitant to install it thinking it would actually compound the issue. I was not aware that the bed leveling was not being saved. I'll remove the startup routine and see if that helps.